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22 September 1973
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Well what can I say, I'm a thirty something year old QAF fan, been one ever since a friend of mine got me to watch some of the episodes with her back in January ( she got a crush on Randy/Justin, I believe that says it all :).....).I did feel a little left out bcoz I've discovered the series 3 years after it ended but my wonderful friend came through once more and introduced me to QAF-based fan fictions. I've become rather familiar with bjfic.net and midnightwhipers as well as moonshadowtribe. However I'm still discovering the do's and don't s of LJ....Anyway that's pretty much me, right now, in a nutshell...

Also, I wish I could write as well as some of the wonderful and prolific writers I've encountered so far bcoz then I would be able to follow the boys through many, many more adventures....AHAHHHa just a straight girl wishing ....